External Advisory Board

What is it

The CS Track External Advisory Board is made up of external experts from institutions involved in Citizen Science activities as well as informal and lifelong science learning, industry, education, research, NGOs, and the public sector.

What it does

The task of the external advisory board is to advise on different aspects of our work including our research and analytical activities, the tools and resources we are developing to provide insight into the nature, value and orientation of Citizen Science and, most especially, the extent to which the project can have a significant impact in keeping with its mission and values.


The External Advisory Board meets twice a year and provides valuable and critical input to the project in both formal and informal settings.


The current board is made up of scientific experts from different disciplines and geographical areas:

Luigi Ceccaroni

Luigi Ceccaroni

Innovation Lead at Earthwatch, UK

Luigi Ceccaroni

Agueda Gras-Velazquez

Head of the Science at Scientix, European Schoolnet

Luigi Ceccaroni

Aya Kimura

University of Hawaii at Manoa, USA

Luigi Ceccaroni

Mike Sharples

The Open University, UK

Luigi Ceccaroni

Mendel Wong

Co-Founder & Co-Chair of CitizenScience.Asia

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Important notice

We would like to inform that this project is inactive since December 2022. As a result, the content presented on this website is static, which means it cannot be updated, and no new information will be added. Consequently, interactive features such as the search function, or subscription and commenting capabilities are unavailable.