Jul 20, 2022

Understanding the nature of Citizen Science in a rapidly changing world, half-day symposium, 8 October, Berlin

CS Track and ECSA teams are organising a half-day symposium under the theme “Understanding the nature of Citizen Science in a rapidly changing world” on 8 October, 9:00-13:00 CET in Berlin. This symposium aims at sharing these results and findings and discussing their implications with the citizen science community. Of course, other researchers and community members are invited to share their results and approaches as well. We are particularly interested in computational tools and analysis as well as other innovative empirical approaches in order to understand the essence of CS projects, their activities and the motivations that drive people to participate in CS.

As a result, this symposium will help participants to better understand the science behind citizen science and  how to maximise the benefits of Citizen Science activities for individual citizens, organisations, and society at large.

The symposium will be an interactive event inviting all participants to take an active part in the event comprising talks, demos and discussions in different formats varying from plenary talks to workshops and poster presentations.

The symposium’s outcomes will feed into the recommendations and results that are drawn from the overall results and findings of the CS Track project.

Learn more about the event and register here.

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CS Track framework for investigating citizen science

CS Track framework for investigating citizen science

A CS Track team of researchers including Reuma De-Groot, Yaela N Golumbic, Fernando Martínez Martínez and H. Ulrich Hoppe recently published a paper entitled “Developing a framework for investigating Citizen Science through a combination of web analytics and social...

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