May 19, 2022

CS Track published a report about the conceptual framework for analytics tools

The CS Track research team, led by partners Christine Urban and Michael  Strähle from the Wissenschaftsladen Wien – Science Shop Vienna, has published a report called Conceptual Framework for Analytics Tools. This document maps citizen science landscapes in the European Union and beyond, of funding programmes, policies, advocacy and working groups, and opportunities for participating in citizen science activities. Moreover, this report presents an overview of educational citizen science activities in schools that complements the literature review on citizen science activities in education. This document also includes interviews with African, Asian, European and US-American experts on Open Science, research ethics and research integrity to supplement the literature review included in the preceding report called Framework Conceptual Model.

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CS Track publishes policy recommendations based on project results

CS Track publishes policy recommendations based on project results

Since November 2019 the international research project CS Track has been combining traditional social-science methods with web-based and computational analytics in order to systematically survey the field of Citizen Science. Based on our findings, we have now...

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