Feb 19, 2020

CS Track gets off to a bright start in Leuven

The CS Track team finally got the chance to meet one another face-to-face to work on project planning in Leuven on 9-10 December 2019. This meeting was hosted by partner ATiT in Martin’s Klooster in Leuven and turned out to be quite an intensive meeting. It included summaries by all work package leaders of the work to be done along with an interactive workshop based on the world cafe model to really tease out some of the key issues facing the consortium as we set out on the CS Track adventure. Part of the discussion focussed on what we mean by success and how the selection of citizen science activities is to be made. We were also joined by our project officer, Yiannis Vacondios, which helped a lot in putting Cs track into context and in understanding what is expected from our project.

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