Jun 23, 2021

CSaP published a report on future directions for citizen science and public policy

The Centre for Science and Policy (CSaP) in the UK has published a new report entitled “Future Directions for Citizen Science & Public Policy” in June, 2021. Over the past year CSaP has brought together policymakers and academics to discuss citizen science — practices that tap into ‘citizen knowledges’, as one of our authors describes it. Through a series of seminars, lectures and online conferences we have gathered a breadth of views on the challenges and opportunities that governments face in integrating citizen science into public policy. This collection addresses both, but on the whole illuminates how citizen science can lead to more inclusive and effective decision making across a range of policy domains. Read the full report here.

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1 in 5 citizen science projects are multidisciplinary

1 in 5 citizen science projects are multidisciplinary

Citizen science has a foundation in traditional fields of science such as biology that remain strong today. However, based on the initial results of an international survey that began early 2021 by the CS Track team, it was discovered that 20% of citizen science...

The main motivation for taking part in CS activities is…

The main motivation for taking part in CS activities is…

Although citizen science projects take on a variety of forms and scales, the motivation of those behind the scenes are similar. In fact, the CS Track team has learned from an ongoing survey that began this year that the interest in a particular theme or topic, being...

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