Sep 10, 2020

New release of EU-Citizen.Science Platform offers lots of additional features

One of the highlights of the ECSA Conference this week was the launch of a bunch of new features in EU-Citizen.Science platform which were launched during an online lunch meeting on Wednesday 9 September. The purpose of these new features is to foster collaboration between citizen science practitioners and enthusiasts. These features include a brand new community forum where you can start or join a discussion on any topic related to citizen science, ask a question, join the debate on hot topics in the field, or join conference participants in the ‘back channel’. You can also access a host of useful training resources on the platform. Take a look here.

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Plans for creating a Community Platform for CS Track take shape

Plans for creating a Community Platform for CS Track take shape

The technical specifications for the CS Track Community Platform were recently finalised in Deliverable 5.1 Technical Specification of the Community Platform. The work was carried out by a team of CS Track researchers led by Manuel Gértrudix from URJC. This...

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