Oct 6, 2021

The main motivation for taking part in CS activities is…

Although citizen science projects take on a variety of forms and scales, the motivation of those behind the scenes are similar. In fact, the CS Track team has learned from an ongoing survey that began this year that the interest in a particular theme or topic, being able to contribute to scientific research, and having an opportunity to learn were the top three motivational factors for participants in citizen science activities. To learn more about the other motivational factors of citizen scientists, click here

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1 in 5 citizen science projects are multidisciplinary

1 in 5 citizen science projects are multidisciplinary

Citizen science has a foundation in traditional fields of science such as biology that remain strong today. However, based on the initial results of an international survey that began early 2021 by the CS Track team, it was discovered that 20% of citizen science...

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