Mar 23, 2021

URJC presents Community Platform at Science Education conference

CS Track partner URJC presented a virtual poster and a video presentation entitled “A case study on communication to boost Citizen Science social education: CS Track Community Platform” during the International New Perspectives in Science Education Conference on 18 March. This presentation provided a brief contextualization of Citizen Science projects as well as describing how the CS Track project team is developing a Community Platform, with different kinds of contents. This platform offers relevant information about other CS projects and key outcomes as well as recommendations, reports and other resources all of which can be useful to those interested in citizen science in both formal as well as informal science education including teacher training.

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EU-Citizen.Science offer funding for 10 training modules

EU-Citizen.Science offer funding for 10 training modules

This new call from EU-Citizen.Science provides funding for the development, implementation and testing of 10 training modules on the topic of citizen science. These modules will be uploaded to the Moodle integration of the EU-Citizen.Science platform. The training...

MOOC on Citizen Science Education

MOOC on Citizen Science Education

The new BRITEC MOOC “A roadmap to citizen science Education” will provide materials and stories of implementation from innovative citizen science education projects. According to the organisers, Citizen Science Education is based on the assumption that teachers and...

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