Nov 24, 2021

Citizen science and SDGs to inspire educators workshops on 10 & 17 December

We’re delighted to announce that our colleague Miriam Isabal Calvera (Universitat Pompeu Fabra) is hosting 2 workshops for educators in collaboration with Scientix, the community for science education in Europe. During these workshops participants will:
➔ Learn about citizen science and SDGs
➔ Learn about the connection between them
➔ Learn about potential learning outcomes based on Philips et al., categories
➔ Learn how to use or explore data about existing citizen science projects for your e-learning designs
➔ Participate in the co-design of a tool to support educators in the learning design process
when integrating data from CS in learning activities

To apply for a place, please go to: Workshops are limited to 10 participants.

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