May 5, 2020

Citizen Science and Sustainability Transitions

A recently published paper on Science Direct discusses how citizen science can help addressing Sustainability Transitions (STs). The authors propose three pathways through which citizen science could support STs, based on the premise that any transition is socio-technical in nature. Such pathways are problem identification and agenda setting, resource mobilization, and the facilitation of socio-technical co-evolution. To realize their full potential, the authors identify the major challenges that need to be overcome, and develop on how to do so.  Find the article here.

CS Track News

CS Track framework for investigating citizen science

CS Track framework for investigating citizen science

A CS Track team of researchers including Reuma De-Groot, Yaela N Golumbic, Fernando Martínez Martínez and H. Ulrich Hoppe recently published a paper entitled “Developing a framework for investigating Citizen Science through a combination of web analytics and social...

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