Nov 17, 2021

CS Track workshop participants learn how to use analytics workbench

On Tuesday 16 November the CS Track team ran a workshop about a web-based tool called the analytics workbench that can be used to collect information about citizen science projects. This tool was developed by project partner RIAS. 22 participants from 10 different European countries as well as the US and Colombia took part and tried the tool out for themselves during the workshop. This workshop highlighted the potential of text analytics and social network analytics to generate insights about citizen science projects. If you missed this workshop, stay tuned as we plan to run it again in spring.

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CS Track framework for investigating citizen science

CS Track framework for investigating citizen science

A CS Track team of researchers including Reuma De-Groot, Yaela N Golumbic, Fernando Martínez Martínez and H. Ulrich Hoppe recently published a paper entitled “Developing a framework for investigating Citizen Science through a combination of web analytics and social...

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