Mar 12, 2020

Last interview in EU.Citizen-Science series highlights value for minority groups

The final interview in the EU-Citizen.Science series about inclusion is with Shara Fisler from the Ocean Discovery Institute in the US. In this interview, Shara explains the approach her institute takes in engaging diverse community groups and presents the model that underpins how she and her colleagues work with under-served communities. The key message from Shara is that people need to feel they belong in Citizen Science projects.

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CS Track framework for investigating citizen science

CS Track framework for investigating citizen science

A CS Track team of researchers including Reuma De-Groot, Yaela N Golumbic, Fernando Martínez Martínez and H. Ulrich Hoppe recently published a paper entitled “Developing a framework for investigating Citizen Science through a combination of web analytics and social...

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