Jul 25, 2022

Miriam Calvera-Isabal presents CS Track project findings in multiple occasions

Over the past few months, our colleague Miriam Calvera-Isabal (UPF) has presented the CS Track project and our research findings at different conferences and project meetings, including TEASPIL, H2O Learn and LASI Spain. She explained how CS Track has centralized the data about citizen science projects from online pages in a single database, discussed how citizen science is communicated online, and provided an explanation of how computational methods can be applied to learn more about the field. Furthermore, she has conducted workshops, one of which was run at JTELSS, that helped participants better understand how data and information about citizen science projects can be used for educational purposes. Stay tuned, CS Track project’s final results will be published soon! 

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CS Track publishes policy recommendations based on project results

CS Track publishes policy recommendations based on project results

Since November 2019 the international research project CS Track has been combining traditional social-science methods with web-based and computational analytics in order to systematically survey the field of Citizen Science. Based on our findings, we have now...

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