Nov 30, 2021

What SDG is the most popular among the CS community on Twitter?

Our colleagues David Roldán-álvarez, Fernando Martínez-Martínez, Estefanía Martín from URJC have recently published an article “Understanding Discussions of Citizen Science Around Sustainable Development Goals in Twitter” in the IEEE Xplore journal. This paper presents a long-term study on how the CS community discuss SDGs on Twitter, aiming to classify the discussion around the SDGs. The paper reports on a variety of topics such as open science, innovation and biodiversity, among others, but the results show that the most addressed topic is climate change that corresponds to SDG 13. Based on these findings, it is possible to affirm that climate change is a hot topic in this context. Read the full paper here.

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CS Track publishes policy recommendations based on project results

CS Track publishes policy recommendations based on project results

Since November 2019 the international research project CS Track has been combining traditional social-science methods with web-based and computational analytics in order to systematically survey the field of Citizen Science. Based on our findings, we have now...

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