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We are glad to anounce that our firsts eMagazine reports and graphical articles has been published. You can find them below. The CS Track eMagazine goal is to offer relevant information about the project’s results and key outcomes as well as recommendations, compendia, reports and other resources that highlight the value that Citizen Science can bring and how it can be supported.

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Reconsidering Citizen Science, a CS Track point of view

Citizen Science is an emerging field of study that expands from the social sciences, through policies and the learning sciences. Partners in our consortium have different views about this interdisciplinary field. Several aspects of these views are summarised here.
Evolution of academic publications in citizen science

Evolution of academic publications in citizen science

Citizen Science incorporates the general public into scientific research and therefore we might expect it not to have a presence in academic publications. This report analyzes the evolution of scientific publications in Citizen Science.

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